Egypt: the crossroads

Cairo, Egypt – December 2014

Crossroads is a multimedia project that explores the experiences of seven migrants who live and work in Egypt in different circumstances: Ibrahim Hassan, a geographer who fled Darfur and works cleaning houses of wealthy people; Raheal Getahun, an Ethiopian who escaped from political prosecution in Addis Ababa; Mohamed Hassan and Mahmoud Abdulmajeed, two Egyptian teenagers who sank in the waters of Greece in an attempt to reach the European dream; Abdelhrahim Ali, a man who came back to Cairo without savings after 16 tears working “irregularly” in Holland; Olemba Henri, a Cameroonian who planned to play professional football in Ukraine and remained in Egypt to found an Evangelist church; and Mary Lopirto, a lady from South Sudan, trapped in Cairo for 10 years without option to go back to her country due to the eternal civil war.

The project, assigned by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), includes an interactive website and a 30-minute multimedia documentary and wants to be a visual representation of the complex migratory flows in North Africa and the Middle East and the reality of those vulnerable migrants who suffer injustices by Governments and experience considerable abuses by mafias.

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