Darfur in Transition

Darfur, Sudan (2009-2014)

While there are few signs of recovery and peace emerging across Darfur, the region’s many years of conflict have resulted in nearly two million people still enduring the hardships of life in temporary camps. The peace process tries to move forward, but tensions in the region continue to emerge from fierce competition over natural resources, generations-old tribal feuds and clashes between Government forces and armed movements. In conclusion, war and peace are the two stages that coexist in an almost unbelievable way.

This photo project, which culminated in a book, consists of a series of images designed to highlight the current situation in Darfur, especially the evolution from conflict to recovery. Consistent with the themes of transitions and transformations, the project is divided into sections to reflect three of Darfur’s present realities: a persisting war, a movement toward recovery and signs of normal life.

See the photo book Darfur in Transition.

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