Hunger, the ultimate enemy

South Sudan 2015-2017

South Sudan gained the independence in July 2011, after decades of war with the government at the north. But the peace and optimism of the new state lasted very short. In December 2013, the forces loyal to President Salva Kiir (from Dinka ethnic group) clashed with those from his opponent Riek Machar (Nuer), and since then it has become a complex civil war with many sides that forced millions of people to flee their homes. In addition to destruction and displacement, outbreaks and economic crisis, hunger also punishes a country that is heavily armed. Half of the population is in urgent (and constant) need for food assistance. Hundreds of humanitarian organizations (United Nations agencies and national and international NGOs) provide the most basic services to more than a third of the population, not just food, but also shelter, protection, health, sanitation and education.

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