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I define myself as an atheist, agnostic and disbeliever. I only believe in what I see. And, obviously, I don't believe in miracles. But I must admit they exist. The day dawned rainy, cloudy, gray and cold, the ground was wet and muddy. We had already cancelled Irene's photo session a few days earlier because of the weather and everything was pointing to the fact that we should do it again. All of a sudden, her mom Helena, doesn't back down. "We must meet", she told me, "we'll get beautiful photos". I was not sure. Quite the opposite. I feared a predictable failure. But suddenly, minutes before I started taking photos, a slit opened in the sky and unfolded an amazing range of colors and lights. I couldn't believe what was happening. Yes. Some beautiful photos came out. I insist. I don't believe in miracles... but they do exist.

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