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Up to touch the sky

It took longer than I expected, but we finally posted the video Up to touch the sky (حتي نلامس السماء in the Arabic version), a multimedia project that intends to promote the work of young actors and actresses of amateur group theater Ashwaq al Salam from El Fasher, Darfur. The work took two months, but difficulties have been most clear during the post-production process in the recent weeks. Reaching a model that satisfied all parties has been complex, especially since we were seeking a product that wanted to be aesthetically appealing, faithful to the conceptual message of the young artists and, at the same time, atractive for different cultural tastes. This video has passed through many eyes before being published and opinions have been diverse and, interestingly, linked with the cultural background of each. Overall, fellow reporters and video makers (mostly Westerners) required a short product, intense, fast and with many elements that make the product fully understandable. Sudanese friends who also watched it previsously pushed for a longer video, paused and faithful to the original concept of the group. The result has claimed to be a combination of these two positions and, ultimately, that fit with what I had in mind from the very beginning: explain that regardless Darfur also cooks high quality cultural projects. I hope I’ve succeeded.

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