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Acció per la pau

The corner of an office covered with white cardboard, two reasonable powerful lamps, a video camera, twelve actors, motivation and a generous dose of expressive action. This is the cocktail of ingredients that made possible the first phase of a project to create a video that will promote amateur theater group Ashwaq Al Salam (in English, “longing for peace”), a group of young actors and actresses in Darfur (Sudan), led by Samiha Munim, a girl with a high level of creativity.

With the excitement that these projects usually bring and professional vocation, the group performed on camera some of the key moments of their last show. Produced in a small makeshift studio in the UN camp in El Fasher, after three hours of hard work and dedication, this product will definitely contribute to development and peace in Darfur. Because there are few things better than art to reject conflict in a compelling way.

In the near future, we will post a video that will spread the expression of these young people beyond the borders of Darfur. Their message of peace, given in a high visual quality, has to be seen far away and deserves an international acclaim.

Acció per la pau
Acció per la pau

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