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An early awareness of water

Aigua al Darfur

In the past years I have photographed the lack of water in Darfur in several ways: long queues at the wells, kids drinking desperately, skinny animals or dead and abandoned, farmers working on dried lands… But it has been the first time I get such an authentic image like this. I took it few days ago in the Zam Zam camp for displaced people, in North Darfur, in a new settlement where hundreds of families have recently arrived fleeing attacks on their villages. Walking around the area, I met two children in a small hut made with clothes and plastic. There were no adults around. These siblings, a boy and a girl, were surprised by my arrival. Not frequently a white man shows up with two huge cameras hanging from his neck. And their first reaction was to embrace badly two jerrycans full of water that probably their mother had brought “home” after a long walk. “Do not get closer because this water is ours,” their expression told me. With courtesy and respect, I photographed them and moved away. I could not miss this great message they were giving me. Children in Darfur, as these two, have a great awareness of the importance that water has in their country. Its scarcity made it very precious and all generations in Darfur are grown with strong values ​​in its defense and preservation. It would be great this concept could be exportable!

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