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Art in capital letters

Concurs de fotografia Itaca

It has been a long time since Toni started cutting stones. Every piece that he gets, even if it looks small or insignificant, is treated very carefully, like a gemstone. His work is unreally constant because he does it for a pure love of Art. And we can say that it’s an Art in capital letters, because it is made by and for real people. Hypocrisy has no place and sincerity is a constant. As Toni’s personality .

His work in the Itaca bar, in Lleida (Catalonia) let him convert it into a space not only for a genuine socialization, but also into a platform for many artists. Toni gets excited as a kid when he discovers a true artwork and he quickly manages to hang it on the walls of the bar. And so he has been doing for all the time, nurturing hidden novelties and consolidating popular talents.

Toni ‘s latest project is a photo contest seeking a honest work and, at the same time, lending a hand . The winning works will become the bar’s property to be auctioned and the benefits will be deposited at the food bank. Hats off!

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