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Between tragedy and comedy

World Theatre Day
World Theatre Day

Today is the World Theatre Day, observed by the International Theatre Institute.

To commemorate it from Darfur, I’ve done a photo shoot with the drama group Marafi, from El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur state.

Inspired by the concept of the Greek masks of tragedy and comedy, I want to express my interpretation of the double reality in Darfur, the one that lives a long and painful conflict and, at the same time, a rich framework that give hope.

The picture of the actors with a serious look exemplifies the toughest side of Darfur, in which more than two million people live in displaced camps, in which many die and soldiers, militias and armed groups are fighting to control the land.

The picture of the smiling actors, with the no accidental presence of a girl (the director Zamiha Abdulmunim), represents the optimistic side of this region, where despite the hardships and sacrifices, people go ahead in their social, economic and cultural life.

At the end of the day, the tragicomedy of Darfur, this coexistence of two very opposite realities, responds to a rich complexity that makes it really interesting.

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