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Committed photojournalists

When photojournalists speak or write, they often bore me, because they either say what has already been said too many times, or because they blatantly let their ego go. This conversation between Anna Surinyach and Juan Carlos Tomasi, although it has a little bit of each, also reveals some very good sentences that make you think. And I took two from Surinyach: "now the obsession of the photojournalist should be to leave the last" (and not arrive first, as years ago); and "the images must generate more than a thousand questions" (which replaces the tiresome "a picture is worth a thousand words").

Surinyach and Tomasi know each other well, and the conversation flows. It flows well. Despite the fact that sometimes the reader is displaced from the talk, in most moments the invitation to get involved in photography and journalism predominates.

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