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Ficciones (fictions)

It is a technically complex book, not only for the author, but also for the reader. This set of stories contains a meticulous list of details that make them almost perfect, even credible, despite being complete fictions. It is necessary to read Ficciones with concentration, so as not to lose the thread and to make sure that someone does not get lost in such complexity.

Without a doubt, the best story (also considered that way by Borges himself) is the last one, Sur, which recounts [attention SPOILER] the misfortune of a hungry reader who loses his common sense due to a fortuitous accident. Imaginary, fantastic, unreal stories ... cross the book and make it rich.

However, such complexity holds me back from labeling this book as one of my favorites. Perhaps I should do, as the critics advise, reread it.

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