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First, all humankind

Hate speech and slogans by Catalan politicians in this election campaign make me feel really sick.

23 April 2015. Barcelona: 'Fodoy', from Gambia, attends practicals lessons of sewing by the owner (left) of a workshop in Barcelona, Spain. He has experience as a tailor back in his country and he wants to develop his skills. 'Fodoy' is a nickname for this migrant from Gambia, who arrived to Barcelona in 2007 without residence permit. He fled the country due to political prosecution and departed in a boat to Canary Islands. Then, the Spanish authorities reallocated him to Valencia and then to Barcelona. His asylum request has been blocked until 2017 due to having been condemned for drugs dealing. Until then, he is struggling to find accommodation and to have income to survive, although organizations such as CCAR assist him from time to time. Photo by Albert González Farran, CCAR

“First, ourselves”. What the hell does that mean? Hearing it from some of our political candidates, who are supposed to have a high degree of responsibility, is really concerning. It contains so much hate that makes us look less human.

Actually, we, the Europeans, have been plundering the South to death for centuries. If we live as we live is “thanks” to the continued theft of Africa, Asia and South America.

And now, when we fear migrants “invading” our countries because it may affect our welfare, we want them far away. We don’t want them to bother us.

I still think that our condition is human enough to accept that there is no need to buy a new car as often as we wish or it’s not essential to talk with the latest Iphone. It is more crucial that more people can also enjoy our quality of life.

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