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Honor Thy Father

Another lesson of the best classic journalism by Gay Talese. 450 pages of no fiction and pure information. All content was amazingly collected for years. All about the Mafia and particularly about the Bonnano’s family. Gay Talese, in a way that reminds me Truman Capote, does not judge his characters, particularly Bill Bonanno, who is the one that links all the information about the organised crime in the United States. Gay Talese just describes the human perspective of a man, with all his complexity, without idealising him and criminalising him either. He just gives the human Bonanno.

It's a product of years of building confidence with Bonanno Jr. Talesse was able to build the entire empire of the organised crime, describing all the complexity, its main episodes, including the intense “Banana War” and the judicial processes, but adding all human elements that makes the story really appealing and catching. It’s like a novel, with no single fictional details, which makes the book unbelievable.

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