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Insults from social media

A positive story becomes a target for offensive criticism. There is something wrong with the digital society.

El jove Xavier Bustos, creador de les samarretes Azulejo de Lleida. Foto © Santi Iglesias
Young Xavier Bustos, creator of Azulejo shirts in Lleida. Photo © Santi Iglesias

It never stops to amaze me the terrible mood that hides behind social media. Behaviors that we would almost never show in public, we show them shamelessly with a thoughtless joke and often secretly. It seems that's what social media is about: to destroy.

A few hours ago I published with the newspaper ARA a great little story about Xavier Bustos, a 17-year-old young man from Lleida who, after a few summers working in farms and bars, has decided this time to create a new brand of T-shirts . Yes, with support from his parents, he made an investment to get about 300 pieces of clothing, sewed a logo of his own design on them, and sold almost all of them after weeks of efforts, almost selling them all door to door. The story is worth it. It is a proof of success by a teenager who prefers to go a step further and, yes, I say again, with support from his parents, he raises a profitable small business that ends now because he still wants to resume his studies at high school

But in social media, most of the comments have been completely derogatory, insulting and offensive, basically attacking the fact that the young man has been helped by the family and belittling any capacity for effort and creativity that the young entrepreneur may have had.

Apart from the fact that I regret this bad mood from social media users, it makes me think a lot about the double standards of many of them who often criticize the lack of positive news in press and stories that talk about success and an interesting attitude towards life. And when they have one, they step on it.

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