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Life is in colour

Morning in Abu Shouk (El Fasher)

I just started the first assignments for the Master in Photojournalism at the University of the Arts of London. It is interesting to see that the first photo exercises commissioned by the professors have to be in black and white, a style that I never tried before.

This subject of the Master is a good option to force me to interpret, at least for once, life in this way, as if we were in a early XX century movie. It gives me, in fact, a manipulated image that does not correspond with reality. With my reality.

It may be true that images in black and white, the more contrasted are, the more drama show. Color won’t probably make it. Sometimes, black and white give stronger, harder and more clear messages.

But unfortunately, this is not the reality that we have everyday. Our environment is made with colors, millions of different colors, that let us understand the green springs and brown autumns, the orange sunsets, the blue sky, the intense red of burning embers and the roasted yellow of the desert. The colors are part of our world, we have it in the brain and in our eyes. We can not release from them! Whether in the XXI century or in the Middle Age.

I will follow and continue to work in black and white when needed, I will look and admire the great masters of this style and learn everything I can, but I am afraid that my photography will remain in color, in its full blast and diversity. Because this is how my imagination is set.

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