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Mama desobedient (disobedient mother)

Interesting book. It makes very clear the importance of the control over the pregnancy, the childbirth and the postpartum (basically breastfeeding). The book discovers many taboos and, above all, many conflicts of interest over large multinationals (such as producers of baby food and artificial milk) and public institutions (such as medical centers and hospitals). It is a book that teaches and supports mothers (and fathers) for a different kind of motherhood, more feminist and freer. But unfortunately Esther Vivas stretches the writing more than a chewing gum. It gives me the feeling that this 281-page book should be no more than an article of about fifty. It has been lengthened to unnecessary repetition, perhaps by editorial reasons. The author insists too much on the concepts, over and over again, as if she does not seem to trust that the reader has understood what she is writing. We are not idiots.

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