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Photography on wheels

I’ve never been a big fan of sports photography, where everything happens too fast. And even less of pseudo-sports, those without the umbrella of a recognized entity that assesses and arbitrates the rules and standards. But I’m changing my mind.


Skateboarding is, now that I’m changing, an urban sport that has rules when the courage ends. It’s an activity where the skaters sacrifice hours of cold and heat to finish acrobatics and put often their physical integrity in danger.

If this sport comes with acrobatics, so does photography. Capturing the best trick is no longer a matter of aesthetics, but it also needs accuracy. Because a photo must show the skater overcoming the challenge perfectly.

A raised foot, a misplaced arm orawrong facecanspoila photographthat looksbrilliant. Experts andbest-knownpublicationssay the bestimagein this fieldsatisfies, equally, the photographerand the skateboarder.Andthis happens very rarely.

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