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Rabietas (tantrums)

First of all, it must be confess that by reading this book you learn to unlearn. Being a father is a field that for many is unknown and Miriam Tirado demonstrates with her manual a way of being a father based on love, understanding, respect and honor the childhood. She unlearns the traditional way of educating boys and girls to fill the gap with a revolutionary way that opens the doors to a better world. All the knowledge in this book is perfectly explained, from the sincerity of the author.

That said, I must admit that Miriam Tirado repeats herself ad nauseam in many aspects of her methodology. It is a pity that she insists so much on the information, when she has already given it once. I get the feeling that she treats the reader like a fool who doesn't understand things the first time and repeats, repeats and repeats the same thing until she becomes boring. Either she treats us like idiots (which I think she does not) or she is not aware that the content of her book can be reduced to one tenth (yes, one tenth) and turn it into a rather long article . I would have liked more this way.

I hate the paragraphs titled "EXPLORE" (I stopped reading them after three or four). They squeak at me and sound like a self-help book, which is not necessary. It would be preferable to redirect these tips to her particular blog, for those who want to follow her more closely. But I didn't need lessons, I needed knowledge. In fact, all this is not a unique "sin" of Miriam Tirado. I've seen it in almost all books and manuals about parenting. What a pity that it is so.

In order not to leave a negative comment, I end up highly recommending the last chapter of the book (12), about love and dependency. It is in fact a pleasant summary, based on a philosophy of life that has convinced me and I try to apply.

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