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Requiem for an American dream

Noam Chomsky always teaches something. He opens eyes and gives tools to think about the current situation of the world. To be honest, what he writes (says) in this book doesn't give much room for optimism. The last chapter is actually really discouraging, as it shows a future of destruction and human specie elimination.

The arguments are very well built although readers must understand this is not a book properly speaking. It's actually an expended written version of a film. Besides, the book has a very visual format and it doesn't seem conceived as a proper book. Very short chapters, with links to many appendixes, don't give much room to long developments and thoughts. With this book we read then the most superficial Chomsky, introduced as a popular media character. We should go later to more deep reads to understand better the core of his thoughts. However, this book it's not a bad start.

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