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Salgado twice

Sebastião Salgado

The photo exhibition Genesis by Sebastião Salgado and the film The salt of the earth directed by Wim Wenders and inspired in his career are two products that address the life and work of one of the most acclaimed photographers in our time. They are not only tributes to his work, but also to his humanity. Salgado was much criticized for pulling aesthetic beauty from other’s tragedies, but these last two works discover a much more complex and interesting Salgado’s reality. After photographing major human disasters, such the Rwandan genocide, Salgado says he couldn’t do more. And he got into another kind of commitment that didn’t harm so badly his conscience. Years of patience that only maturity is able to grant, he just created an statement to defend the environment and a call for the salvation of the planet. And he doesn’t only preach with his photographs, but also by his own life, reforesting the properties of his family in Brazil. Salgado is now rediscovered with a concept that creates school, admiration and activism.

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