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Smiles are fading

It’s rare to see a child without a smile. In Darfur, despite the difficulties and needs that many of them suffer, they are always ready to joke, dance or laugh when someone wants to photograph them. But yesterday I didn’t see many of them. Children who have recently arrived to Kalma and Al Salam IDP camps, in South Darfur, fleeing from indiscriminate looting in their villages, don’t have energy to smile for the photo any more. After eleven years of a boring and endless conflict, I’m afraid children are running out of patience. Their joy is gradually disappearing from their faces. And it’s scary to think it may not have a way back.

This last experience reminded me the recent campaign promoted by NGO Save the Children with a shocking video. The smile of the protagonist, a British girl who plays the role of a war victim in Syria, fades out as the story develops. You can watch this video here.

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