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The daily bread

Pa al Darfur

Bread is a basic food in most societies and cultures in the world. Darfur is not an exception and its people accompany any meal with bread, which works as cutlery at the same time.

Bread is in Darfur a lightweight piece, round and flat and it becomes an essential part of the people’s life. Bakeries become a public service to everyone, providing a unique and essential ingredient for a very low price (each piece of bread in the Darfur only costs six dollar cents).

Bakeries run almost every hour of the day so that people do not run out of bread. From morning to evening, bakers of Darfur, mostly young entrepreneurs who belong to cooperatives, work under the heat of the coals and the frenetic pace of sales to not leave people without one of the few basic rights still guaranteed in Darfur.

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