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The photographer in Sudan

Yesterday I had a long conversation with my friend Mohamed Nureldin, the photographer in Sudan, said so with all its unique connotations. They were more than six hours of continuous talks about Sudan, Darfur and photography, with one person who, despite his fifties, he didn’t lose any of his professional passion . He is the graphic correspondent in Sudan for Reuters agency and he is delivered to social justice and peace in his country. He uses his camera to put voice to his concerns and thoughts and he has no fear of rejecting what does not fit with his principles. Mohamed Nureldin always describes his country with an impressive amplitude technique, large spaces with his favorite lens (16mm) give air to the characters so that they can operate freely. Huge gaps, quiet and reflective, is a work that transmits poetry and truth. For him, before photojournalist, he is an artist with such sensitivity that few can imitate. Therefore, he continues to hold the title of the photographer of Sudan for a long season .

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