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Tierra (Earth)

This latest novel by Eloy Moreno is unexpectedly disappointing. Eloy Moreno has played his cards well as a writer. He has worked the narrative and the way of presenting the chapters ends very well. All very brief, simulating the current reality of online communication and using resources very common in the internet advertising language. It has been an interesting bet and that has allowed to hook the reading. But the way I see it, it is too obvious and ultimately tiresome. And Eloy Moreno has also played with his ability to explain well-connected stories and with endings that break expectations. But it doesn't add anything new to me. It is simply a thriller, with an environmental message, which shows very few pretensions, both narrative and literary. I think Moreno has been thinking more about creating a commercial and film-adaptable work rather than making a well-thought-out piece. What a shame, because I still think that he is a magnificent writer but that he is still not brave enough.

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