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A flesh and blood star

Els Pets drummer, Joan Reig, shows a priceless human quality, in a time that is difficult to find

El músic i cantautor Joan Reig a Arbeca. © Albert González Farran
Musician and singer-songwriter Joan Reig in Arbeca. © Albert González Farran

Often musicians who are on tour attend to journalists on the same day of their concert, between the sound tests and their dinner, at a time when it is difficult for all us to focus Everything is done in a hurry and short time. But with Joan Reig, the tireless drummer in Els Pets, it was not like that in Arbeca. On the day of his show (which was finally in December 4) he was too busy to attend me. And instead of declining my proposal, he decided to come expressly to Arbeca a few days before to speak calmly. He took his car from Constantí and within an hour he was standing in front of La Placeta restaurant to chat about his life and his music.

When we get older, we end up measuring the human quality of people not only by what they do, but also by what they demonstrate to do. That is, for those actions that come from one's own will and are not intended only for one's own benefit. In a present in which social networks are mostly hedonistic, a touch of humanity, on its flesh and blood, is appreciated.

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