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Músic Al Feek, Darfur, Sudan

Moawia Mohamed Musa (pictured) is a composer from Darfur, known as Al Keek (the strongman). He is the one who puts the musical accompaniment to the video I’m building to promote a young amateur theater group in Darfur.

After watching over and over again the images we shot of the theater company, Al Keek has made his interpretation with his most dominant language: music. After being for more than five hours in his modest studio sound he has installed at home, we got a piece that is faithful to the spirit that young actors want to convey.

Once again, drama, music and image come together in an interdisciplinary project that, after all, seeks a united message of peace through the arts. Because one of the most effective ways to reach the public is through platforms that are aesthetically appealing and, to achieve it here in Darfur, nothing better than having its best and most enthusiastic professionals.

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