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Imams for peace

More than 700 imams (Muslim religious leaders) of North Darfur agreed to disseminate the same sermon in mosques. This is an unprecedented initiative that aims to unify the messages that imams disseminate every Friday, the day that Muslims usually gather to pray in community.

In a country where 95% of the population is Muslim, the leader of the mosque is usually a very influential voice. People build their values and ethics not only in terms of what the Quran says (the holy book), but also what the imam does on Friday. And it becomes a very powerful tool that can be used, as we all know, both for positive as well as destructive.

This initiative in Darfur aims not only to instill that war is an aberrant fact (what is obvious), but above all to convince of the benefits of peaceful behaviors. “Allah commands us to avoid bad talks, lies, frauds or murders” says the draft of this sermon that still needs polishing.

In Darfur there is a general willingness on the part of these leaders to contribute to the image of Islam as a religion that promotes peace. And so it is. Because it is not a coincidence that the Arabic-speaking Muslims greet each other with the very popular “Al Salam Aleikum” (peace be with you).

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