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Darfur? So what?

Something is wrong when there is a need to ask a Hollywood actor to say something to raise interest about forgotten conflicts, such as Darfur

Darfur Forgotten 2

Actor George Clooney wrote a few weeks ago an opinion in The New York Times on Darfur (Sudan) and reported the silence of a civil war that has been unresolved for 12 years, hundreds of thousands have been killed and two million people, displaced to camps. US newspaper editors wrote this headline: “George Clooney on Sudan‘s rape of Darfur.” This is a small, but very significant, example of what is happening in that part of Africa. If you don’t put a very attractive and popular actor in front, if you don’t title the article with his name, if you don’t use such “hook”, very few will even read the first paragraph of this text. Identifying Darfur on the map is not an easy job, few know what is happening there and almost nobody shows concern about it.

This is an extract from an article published in

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