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Faith in imagination

My life and all experiences made me a convinced atheist. There is nothing that makes me doubt about the absence of hell and its creator, and anything that could be the beginning or the end of everything. We ourselves are our beginning and end, we are energy traveling and taking multiple shapes endlessly. But being a recalcitrant atheist does not mean that I am disbeliever. And it was reconfirmed by the Serbian film director Emir Kusturica, who during the last edition of the film festival Kustendorf claimed the existence of symbols, dreams, legends and everything that is part of our imagination, call it god or call it spirit, which feed our arts. Pure realism does not exist in the human condition and, if so, it would destroy our creative power. Film, literature, music, photography. We all depart from our faith in another world to give us enough material to keep creating art.

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