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Fishermen and hunters

Veteran photojournalist from Barcelona, Joan Guerrero, divided photojournalists in two different groups: fishermen and hunters. The first are those who sit on a stone in a river, throwing the rod and waiting patiently until the picture appears; hunters are those who go in search of the image, under the pressure of time and ready to shoot at any moment. The first cook their work on very low heat, the latter do so more suddenly. But the two of them have a professional obligation to do it masterfully, capturing the moment, the message and the aesthetic appeal at once.

TV program Àgora of Catalan Chanel (TV3), directed by Xavier Bosch, interviewed last night a good example of each category: Samuel Aranda, winner of the World Press Photo last year, and Emilio Morenatti, the brand new 2013 Ortega y Gasset prize of photojournalism. The first is a free-lance photojournalist who often invests many months to a single project; the second works for American agency Associated Press and fastly chains coverage and trips, according to the calls of the breaking news.

Throughout a career, anyone can jump from one group to another, depending of the mood and concerns the circumstances dictate. But in either case, one must be attached to accuracy, decency and sincerity. Without these qualities, one can not be a good fisherman or a good hunter.

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