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From death to life

Two of my best friends just had a baby. A few weeks before the delivery, I did a photo shoot in one of the most emblematic places of Solsona (Catalonia). There, with the nature, the sun and the evidence of a naked pregnancy, together we built the image that best represents life. And there, I realized about the key cycle that is leading us in this crazy world.

Here in Darfur, after nearly four years photographing the conflict, the problems and the dreams of a society in constant suffering, death is an element that is always present. It flies over all like a ghost that witnesses everything we do and say. It threatens us to land at any time. After all this time working with a death so present, photographing the tangible symbols of life is like opening a window for fresh air.

From death to life is the way that leads us to understand things a little bit better, because it tells us that in this world everything flows incessantly. Because after death, life will always substitute it.

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