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Hijos del Nilo (Nile's children)

Xavier Aldekoa, in addition to being one of the great experts on Africa that our journalism has given us, is also a great storyteller.

With this book one can understand part of the idiosyncrasy of the Nile river (Ethiopia, Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt), with all its complexities and contradictions, but also can be entertained with those adventures that the intrepid Aldekoa knows how to explain so well, with a certain humor and an agile and simple writing (in its most positive sense).

The book is suitable for journalists and experts in the field, as well as for neophytes, or even for those who simply want to have a pleasant afternoon discovering stories that surely have no resemblance to their daily lives.

Without a doubt, I am going to read Ocean Africa very soon, the first book that Aldekoa released to bookstores.

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