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Pau Riba's universe

History of the Universe is a mediocre book. Entertaining, well written, with some avant-gardist content that I would have overlooked, but in the end, I think the most mediocre book I’ve read from Pau Riba. Surely it is nothing more than a diversion for the singer, who takes here the role of a pseudo-scientist to analyze the history of the creation of the universe, atoms, galaxies, earth, the mankind and he also points out details about the present (and its well-known cyborg theory) and the future. Very creative and accurate are his vision of the Earth as a living, intelligent being, a brain formed by a set of millions of brains, compared to a cell with its own entity. But the essay is still a very limited view of the reality, which skips many important scientific concepts and, what surprised me the most, it has an overly Westernized view of the mankind. It does not take into account the social realities of other cultures and environments, such as Africa or Latin America, which are very, very far from everything that he explains.

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