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Requiem for a good friend

He was from Darfur, strong like a rock and sweet like a child. His sudden death took us by surprise.

UNAMID's Protection of Civilians

Emadeldin Rijal was well known as The Rock, because he was strong, full of life and energy. But inside he was soft as a child, so peaceful and restful that he used to let people decide without complaint.

A couple of days ago, without any warning, he left us suddenly. He died quickly and left a big gap at home and among friends and colleagues.

Emad was The Rock of Darfur, a man with the integrity and the pride that characterize people of this land.

He was ready to take any challenge and, above all, he was committed to help his people with the best tools.

You will be missed, Emad. Your short life has a lot of sense. Your death teaches us that here in this world we are just for a while without much time to waste on absurdities.

See you later, buddy.

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