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The challenge of being a woman

Being women is a constant challenge, and being women in South Sudan is pure sacrifice.

Sugi Eleuda, mother of two children, waters green beans in the lands of an international NGO in Gudele, South Sudan. Photo by Albert González Farran.

Photographing the work of women in rural areas near Juba, South Sudan, has given me a first sight of how hardly women live in this country. “Where are the men?” I ask when I see them working in the fields from sunrise to sunset. And they either respond with a playful smile or saying that husbands are working on other land, farther from home.

The truth, however, is that here in South Sudan women work hard, suffer a difficult weather and a conflict that is still going on in some parts of the country. Many are the victims of weapons of war such of rape or slavery.

Even today in the XXI century, the fact of being a woman is a guarantee to have a hard life full of risks.

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