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When seduction speaks another language

Artista de henna

Fatima Abakar is popularly known by the nickname Tata. She is one of the most popular henna tattoo artists in Sudan, the widespread practice that prints a vegetal substance on the skin that lasts many weeks.

Established in Darfur, Tata‘s services are required not only in her own country, but also from the Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Her creativity in the art of tattooing Muslim women is unbelievably creative.

Tata knows what she is doing and it’s proven when she poses for a photo shoot. Showing her art through her own skin, she also claims her cultural values ​​and explains that beauty and feminine seduction can be explained in a different language than the one we are used to consume from mass media.

Tata‘s language is based on that look, that movement and that seriousness that deserve worship. It is not a matter of being half naked, forcing a stupid smile or sacrificing the body to match the canons. Rather it’s a matter of seducing honestly, something really more difficult.

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