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With a big heart

After those experiences I lived and conversations I had, I learnt that how, why, what and whom to tell a story can be as important as the story itself.

© Claire Olivia
© Claire Olivia

A story made with honesty, desire of self-affirmation and targetting those who are really interested can perfectly become a great story. Even a banal, personal and intimate fact can be amazing if it’s shown with exquisite will that only great human being have and touched with that quality that only artists know.

Claire Olivia (C.O.) Moed is one of those people who, behind humility and far from the craziness of networks, presents a delicious website. Pictures of almost invisible daily life and short films about childhood and the elders, everything well conceptualized without stupid pretensions, make a worthy job.

Claire says that “it’s never your heart breaking, but your heart breaking open into bigger.” She admits she got the sentence from somebody and I think it’s hers. But what I see is that her heart must have broken many times.

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